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Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia

ere you will find information on our organizational structure, manner of operations, our initiatives, projects and commitments as well as on the more significant activities of the Ministry of Finance, both on national and international level.

Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia

In 2002 the Macedonian Customs Administration (MCA) carried out an internal review of their development during their first 10 years by comparing it to EU Customs Blueprint standards.

Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia

According to the Law for organization and work of the organs of the state administration the Ministry of Economy does the works that refer to: Following the condition and the events on the market with goods and services…

Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Macedonia

Guided by the vision to make Macedonia a country of prosperity and well-being, bearing in mind to protect all state interests Ministry of Transport and Communications continuously enhances the investment cycle in the construction of capital facilities ,quality infrastructure and advanced services.

Economic Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia

Chambers, as a representative and advocate of the interests of the economy. a feature of all socio-economic and political systems. Like many other institutions and associations. The differences of chamber organization results in productions relations define by Society.

State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia

State Statistical Office is specialized and independent organization within the state administration in the country. Basic functions of the institution are collection, processing and dissemination of statistical data on demographic, social and economic events in the Macedonian society.